10 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the beginning of a new phase in a woman’s life and advances a couple’s journey into parenthood. Right from the onset of pregnancy, a woman will notice innumerable changes in her body, which are indicative of a healthy pregnancy. In order to ensure that you do not face any hurdles during these nine months of ecstasy, you should follow healthy pregnancy tips and consult the best gynecologist in South Delhi to look after you.

10 Useful Tips to Follow for a Healthy Pregnancy

Reach out to a pregnancy specialist at the early stages of pregnancy

One of the most important pregnancy tips is to consult a gynecologist as soon as you identify that you are pregnant. This is a very critical stage and may require pre-natal assessment which is best done by an experienced doctor. Ideally, you should reach out to someone with whom you would like to consult for the remaining span of your pregnancy as well. The doctor will most likely carry out some tests and confirm the pregnancy.

Ensure intake of a nutritious and healthy diet

A healthy pregnancy diet includes a variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in your meals. While it is common to crave for different food items, it is better for your health to consume foods which are wholesome and loaded with essential elements such as fibre, protein, minerals, carbs and folic acid. However, to ensure that you continue a healthy pregnancy, try to apportion your meals around the day and consume them at regular intervals without overeating at any particular time. This will help your child develop in a healthy environment and get support for development.

Include Physical activity

Apart from a healthy pregnancy diet, you need to include regular exercise in your routine. This helps to maintain an ideal weight and also assists in overcoming the downsides of pregnancy-related changes in your body. As per the recommendation of a High-risk pregnancy doctor in south Delhi, exercising at a calm pace helps to induce normal childbirth at the due time. Always consult with your doctor about the best exercises which you can undertake during this time.

Eliminate harmful substances

Apart from regularising your meals and consuming a nutrient-rich diet, it is important to avoid the consumption of certain substances. This includes alcohol, caffeine and smoke. For a healthy pregnancy, it is important not just to limit the intake of these items but to eliminate them entirely. Alcohol and smoke contain elements which can potentially add stress to the body and cause hindrance in the development of vital organs of your child. They can also interfere with medications and reduce their impact.

Convey Vital developments to your doctor

Whenever you visit your doctor, make sure that you discuss your pregnancy with them in detail. If there have been any developments or problems from the time you visited them last, you should convey them to your doctor so that they can conduct appropriate tests and determine the cause of these problems. Conditions such as shortness of breath, abnormal heart rate, changes in the movement of your baby, etc. must be conveyed to the doctor.

Seek rejuvenation

Every woman seeks a healthy pregnancy period. She devotes most of the energy and time to ensure that her child remains healthy in her womb. Moreover, pregnancy can make you feel overwhelmed and anxious, which can take a toll on your mental health. It is important to engage in activities which help to calm your mind and reduce your stress levels.

Take care of your skin and hair

A healthy pregnancy diet may be enough to ensure that your skin and hair receive ample goodness but increased demands during pregnancy can increase hair fall and damage to the skin. Consult a dermatologist to seek products which are beneficial and ensure that they remain in their finest state.

Reduce exposure to pollutants

With the growing pollution in our environment, you are more prone to the harmful effects than before. Moreover, reduce your exposure to chemical-laden products, which could contain harmful elements. Choose healthier options like organic products and handmade items for a healthy pregnancy.

Consume enough water

To continue a healthy pregnancy, ensure that you maintain an adequate intake of liquids in your diet. Lack of enough fluids in the body can be responsible for cramps, morning sickness, tiredness and false contractions. The water level in the body can reduce, and pose dangers for the health of your baby. You also need to ensure that you are consuming liquids only out of safe utensils.

Rest often

Proper rest is necessary for a healthy pregnancy. Due to changes in your body, you are likely to feel more tired and exhausted after involving yourself even in minor tasks. If you consult the best gynecologist in south Delhi, you will get to know several tips which can help you relax and calm your body. Do not involve yourself in activities which involve heavy work and avoid picking up heavy items which may put a strain on your body. Activities such as meditation and deep breathing can be useful during this time.

In Conclusion

Following these tips during your pregnancy can help you maintain good health and lead a stress-free journey to become a mother. Always follow the advice of an experienced doctor when it comes to your pregnancy. Dr Madhu Goel is one of the best gynecologists in south Delhi who can help you experience a safe pregnancy with sheer delight. Reach out for a consultation today.

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