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Once you are married, it is planning for a baby that sooner or later occupies your mind. But, having a baby could not always be as easy. Conception, although one of the most beautiful experiences of life, could become a bit testing for some couples. Several ‘unfruitful’ attempts, especially when topped up with an expert’s comment, ‘everything is fine, just keep trying’, could be quite a frustrating situation for couples longing for a child.

The question is ‘what goes wrong’ or rather ‘what doesn’t go right’ in your attempt. If you are one of those couples who is trying to get it right, we bring to you expert advice from Dr. Madhu Goel, Senior Consultant Gynaecologist, Infertility specialist, Rockland hospital.

So, you not only need to enjoy the sex, you also need to follow certain Do’s to conceive easily:

1. Know the cycle: Well, we all know that to conceive a baby we require a sperm and an egg, but what is lesser known is the fact that while sperm is available 24×7 all the year round, the egg is only available for 6-7 days each month, called the ‘fertile’ window or ovulation.

In a menstrual cycle of a woman, the chances of getting her pregnant is highest during ovulation, the phase in which a mature egg is released from ovaries to be available for fertilization by sperm. Although a woman could know her ovulation, which generally begins from 10th day of her 28 days menstrual cycle and lasts till 18th day, by simply counting the days or noticing when cervical mucus becomes thinner and stretchable, but nowadays ovulation kits are also available in the market, which helps in to identify exact ovulation days.

2. Stop smoking and drinking : Habit of smoking and drinking, in both or either of you, not only diminishes your chances of conceiving, but also increases chances of miscarriage, mid-term and low birth weight babies. If you are finding it difficult to conceive, the first advice is to stop smoking and drinking as soon as possible.

3. Do not take stress: There is growing evidence that stress stands as an additional risk factor for infertility, in males and females both. A recent research has revealed that women with high levels of a stress hormone stop ovulating and therefore could find it difficult to conceive. So, if you are not able to conceive without any apparent reason, then probably the best thing you should do to make things better is stop taking stress.

4. Eat healthy and exercise : Although there is no ‘wonder’ diet or exercise to help you become pregnant, a healthy balance of both could certainly add a lot to your chances. Providing you all the essential nutrients and boosting up your strength and vitality, good diet and exercise could increase your chances of conception.

5. Scan your medicines : There are certain medicines which could be interfering with your conception. So, if you are not able to conceive after taking all the right advice, then you should tell your doctor about all the medicines both or either of you have been taking.

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