These days lots of women request abortion. They may be married, unmarried, wanting to space pregnancy and sometimes even perimenopausal women.

There are no home remedies for abortion. The generally propagated  home remedies like eating lots of papaya or so called garam things are totally ineffective.

Abortion can be done by different ways depending on the weeks of pregnancy

Medical abortion, that is abortion by tablets can only be done by 7 weeks of pregnancy and should always be done under supervision of a qualified doctor. There have been cases where the patient has taken pills without realizing that the pregnancy is outside the uterus , that is in the fallopian tubes and have come with ruptured ectopic pregnancy which is a life threatening condition.  The pills are always given after an ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy.These pills have a 2- 3 % failure rate and there may be incomplete abortion or rarely the pregnancy may continue. In these cases surgical intervention is required. Rarely they  can cause excessive bleeding requiring urgent medical or surgical intervention. You should have your doctors number and hospital address which you can reach in case of an emergency. Taking pills is the easiest way to get an MTP done …however it should always be done under supervision and it can only be done for early pregnancy. It has a failure rate of 2 to 3 %.

Abortion can also be done by a surgical process. Surgical termination can be done till 12 weeks. In this the patient is admitted in the day care and usually it is done under short general anaesthesia. The pregnancy is evacuated with the help of a suction machine. It is better to do the evacuation under ultrasound guidance. Abortion should always be done by registered practitioners. There is a risk of incomplete abortion, infection and injury to other organs like intestinal perforation.

After 12 weeks the pregnancy is terminated by starting pains and letting the foetus come out on its own and then doing a cleaning if required. Indian law allows termination of pregnancy only till 20 weeks We aim to give complete physical, mental, emotional, medical support to the patient.



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