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  • Visited for pregnancy check-up obstetrics antenatal care
    I was happy with the Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction. The best part about Dr Goel is that she does not push unnecessary tests and supplements which is a very common practice in Delhi. She explains the problems and the solutions to the problems in a methodical and logical manner. I would definitely recommend her.

    Mrs Ankita Gupta
  • Visited For Urinary Incontinence (UI) Treatment Urinary Tract Infection
    This was my 2nd visit (the last time the matter was resolved to my satisfaction) and the doctor is helpful and professional. She listened to my problem though I felt that perhaps she could have been a bit more patient with the details I was providing since I felt that it was important to provide full information. In any case, she is an experienced doctor, prescribed medicines and asked me to return so that was encouraging. I do think the clinic should get a card machine since it's inconvenient to go to the ATM if one is running low on cash, which in this day and age, is common.

    Kamayani Sharma
  • Visited For Pregnancy Check Up
    I was happy with the Explanation of the health issue Dr.Madhu is very friendly and helpful. She gives apt advice. She is very clear and professional about the treatment.

    Swati Bhatia
  • Visited For Pre and Post Delivery Care Pregnancy
    Dr Madhu Goel is one of the experienced doctors in New Delhi. Her extended care and dedicated time for the patients are truely commendable. I am really very much pleased with the support and care she has provided to me for my pregnancy. I would always recommend her name to any of my relatives and other patients.

    Kaberi Niyogi
  • Visited For Pregnancy Check-Up
    I was happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time My sister was her patient during pregnancy.she's case very critical. That's the way I choose to her as my doctor. she justifies the expectations of a patient

    Priyanka saini
  • Visited For Pregnancy
    a councillor and a human being. she is very much serious and responsible about her patient. she rebuilds confidence in me. gave me new hope. A monther and baby are completely secure in her hands. I am more than satisfied with her treatment.

    Mrs. Suman
  • Dr.madhu goel is extremely warm and compassionate.Dr.madhu goel gives her patient sufficient time to listen about their concerns in detail. her treatment has been good so far and her advise on infertility issues has been equally valuable I would recommend female's to visit her as she is approachable and a doctor who is close to the patient heart. Thank you, doctor, for your care.

  • Visited For Infertility Evaluation / Treatment
    Dr Madhu goel is an extremely caring doctor. She was very patient with me. She heard my problem in detail and advised various options for me. She was very encouraging and her constant smile gave me a glimmer of hope ...I hope to get a very good result with her.....

    Mrs. hasna
  • Visited For Prenatal Checkup
    we have been coming to the doctor before we conceived. She is a patient listener and thoroughly understands the case before advising. Also, unlike most of the doctors these days, Dr. Madhu gives a good amount of time to each of her patients. We would definitely recommend her.

  • Visited For Normal Vaginal Delivery (NVD)
    I went to dr Madhu goel for pregnancy...I have been searching for a various gynaecologist and now I have found my doctor. She gave a detailed Consultation and explained about the diet in pregnancy,the importance of exercises in pregnancy,the medicines I need to take and the reasons for the tests that she has ordered

  • Visited For Quad Screen
    I had a wonderful experience while meeting with Doctor Madhu as she's excellent in her profession, I will certainly recommend my others friends for any helps they needed.

    Manoj Dudeja
  • Visited For Amniocentesis
    A doctor gave a good time to narrate all the situation associated with amniocentesis. This helped us to take a final decision. Thanks, a lot doctor.

    Taru gupta
  • Visited For Gynae Problems
    A doctor is very supportive and helpful. A doctor has managed the situation very well and guides us in the right direction. Thank you so much for your help Doctor.

    Simran saini
  • Visited For PCOD/PCOS Treatment
    It was nice while talking to the doctor goel she is very friendly and listens to the patient very patiently ..I recommend to all friends...

    Sabeena Yousuf
  • Visited For Gynae Problems
    excellent she is my family doctor. she is a gentle and loving doctor I have known her for long she is too good. and I am so happy because my Dr Madhu Goel

  • Visited For Pregnancy Check Up
    a good doctor it was the first visit. she gave some helpful advice and information. all turned out to be good. we will visit again.

    Ms. Parul Vaid
  • Visited For Pap Smear
    very nice doctor.extremely patient while explaining the problem and provides good councilling to help the patient manage stress. also very approachable.

    Shweta sahni
  • Visited For Pregnancy Check-Up
    My daughter has been going to her since one year. she only recommended to show it to her. she is very polite and very courteous.

    Anjali deepak chandel
  • Visited For Gynae Problems
    I always have an excellent experience. Dr.Madhu goel is the most positive doctor. I feel very positive after meeting her.

    Mrs. shivani singh
  • Visited For Irregular Periods
    Will recommend Dr Madhu. Excellent service and very helpful. I initially consulted Dr Madhu at Fortis La Femme and her treatment helped me a lot.

    Yashswini Mishra
  • Visited For Pap Smear
    My GP recommended Dr Madhu goel to me. She is very friendly... very patient and very supportive. She has discussed my problem in detail and explained everything to me very clearly. I am very happy for her.

    Mrs.Vinita Rawla
  • Visited For Normal Vaginal Delivery (NVD)
    She is my gynaecologist from the beginning ever since I have moved to Delhi. she is calm good and always smiling. overall a great doctor who understands your situation n condition n advices accordingly.

  • Visited For Pregnancy Exercise
    She is very good while we with our issues with her. she listened every thing what ever is our problem it the gave her advice. I recommend to all my friend.

    Samir Kanta Ghosh
  • Visited For Menstrual Disorders in Adolescent Girls
    It was a satisfactory meeting. the detailed problem was taken care. will recommend to others also. and will visit again.thanks.

    Shweta goel
  • Visited For Hysterectomy (Abdominal/Vaginal)
    The doctor gave us the correct step and advice for an approach towards treatment. we would like to proceed accordingly. we have faith in her approach. I recommend to all friends

    Mary stella dung dung
  • Visited For Abortion / Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)
    Madam was very understanding and patience to listen to the problems. She helps us to understand our situation and take steps and measures accordingly. Thanks

    Poonam w/f santosh
  • Visited For Female Infertility Treatment
    The doctor is very generous and has given some good advice's which I m going to work on and m still in the process ......thank you and surely I can recommend the doctor to my friends as well.

  • Visited For Infertility Evaluation / Treatment
    very helpful and pleasant personality. I like her and appreciate always. I would like to recommend her to everyone. thanks.

    Ms. Pooja Pant
  • Visited For High-Risk Pregnancy Care
    my friend recommend to Dr.madhu goel Dr.madhu goel is fabulous doctor very friendly nature. My treatment is very nice... good communication with me. I recommend all of you

    Radha devi
  • Visited For Nutrition for Pregnant Women
    helpful and supportive. very well explained and fully satisfied will surely recommend to friends and family in case of need.

    Neha garg
  • Visited For Amenorrhoea Treatment I am very happy to meet Dr. Madhu Goel. she is a very mature doctor and very well diagnosed me. I recommend to all my friend and family thanks to Dr. Madhu Goel

  • Visited For PCOS
    Dr. Madhu Goel is a very supporting doctor with a coordinating staff and ambient clinic environment.

    Ms. neha panwar
  • Sanchita
  • Visited For Hysterectomy (Abdominal/Vaginal)
    My experience at the clinic was very good. the doctor was very friendly and always smiling. She listened to my problem in detail and suggested various treatment options. I will certainly come back to her.

  • I have had my delivery done by Dr Madhu Goel and it was an excellent experience. I had a normal delivery and she was very supportive throughout. In fact, it was She who encouraged me to go into a vaginal delivery. I am very happy with my doctor.

    Vandana kumar
  • Visited For Pre and Post Delivery Care
    Being a patient of Dr. Madhu Goel has been a wonderful experience in a true sense. To be precise she is a guide who is helping us walk the correct path.

    Meenal W\O Salil
  • Visited For Breast lumps
    I couldn't have got a better gynae to be with me throughout my 9months of pregnancy, delivery and post-pregnancy problems. So calm, friendly nature, sensitive to the patient's needs. Can't thank you enough Doctor!!!!!!

    Mrs. Shanouli
  • Sensitive and well informed. Put our worries to rest. Excellent doctor. Gave excellent advice and we will surely visit again.

    Ms akansha
  • Visited For Miscarriage
    A very straight-forward doctor who doesn't believe in raising false hopes. Quite polite and attended well.

  • Visited For Pregnant
    She always gives appropriate advice. Her professional attitude with a personal touch is highly appreciable.

    Mrs. Divya gupta
  • Visited For Vaginal Discharge
    She was courteous and explained/diagnosed the problem was helpful and caring as well. the test that the doctor performed was also as per the problem. I will recommend her to others

    Mrs. Renu Srivastave
  • Visited For Prenatal Checkup
    very cordial, make you comfortable and thorough and detailed analysis. very satisfying experience. would definitely recommend to all concerned patients

    Mrs. baban preet kaur
  • Visited For Gynae Problems
    She is sweet and professional at her skills, a clean clinic with the warm behaviour of the staff is very nice and good .. thanks

    Ms kritika
  • Visited For Gynae Problems
    Dr. Madhu Goel is very Nice.. and thanks doctor for listening to me and giving me a prompt diagnosis of my problem with I think was excellent .. thanks Dr Madhu Goel...

    Mrs. Anu patni
  • I recommend the doctor
    Dr. Madhu Goel is a very humble qualified and experienced...thanks for all the help.he has diagnosed a very rare illness which he has treated successfully. thanks a lot, Dr. Madhu Goel

    Mrs. sanam mohsin
  • Visited For Gynae Problems

  • Visited For Pregnancy

    Jyoti Kumar
  • Visited For High-Risk Pregnancy Care
    This was our first visit to Dr Madhu Goel. She was very friendly and polite. We have consulted her for pregnancy and we are very happy with her crystal clear advice.

    Monika Narang
  • I recommend the doctor
    Dr Madhu Goel is a very passionate and hospitable well professional Doctor. I and my family thank her a lot. I pray and thank slots to almighty God that my sis will be quite a relief once we treated from the Doctor.

  • Visited For Gynae Problems
    Dr Madhu Goel is very nice doctor. *** ** ******* ****** *** ************* * thanks for Dr Madhu Goel ... I recommend for all friends and relatives.

    Mrs. leda
  • Visited For Gynae Problems
    doctor was systematic in her treatment and diagnosed problem pretty efficiently. I will recommend her to my friends and family.

    Shweta Jain
  • I recommend the doctor
    good mam thought and my thoughts likely same so I understood all word saying by mam in my problem. I recommend all friends

  • I recommend the doctor
    I visited the doctor for the first time and the response is very fantastic. certainly, I will recommendations the doctor to my friends, colleagues and family.

    Nazma parveen
  • I recommend the doctor
    Dr Madhu Goel is very good and competent.she looks into every detail and answers all queries patiently.she is an angel in human form may all her dreams be fulfilled

    Kalpna lal
  • Visited For Pelvic Organ Prolapse
    doctor is very good.smiling.cooperative.I like her.staff is also good and helpful.I recommend her to everybody.thank you doctor

    Samesh ahlawat
  • Visited For Gynae Problems
    There is first time on that place but its a good experience good cooperation with staff member as well as good feedback on phone also

    Mrs. nirmla singh
  • I recommend the doctor
    she is detailed and offers the best advice considering all aspects I am comfortable discussing my issues with her, would recommend her to others also.

  • Visited For Gynae Problems
    Good doctor.satisfied.I have been coming repeatedly to Dr Madhu Goel. she is very polite...very patient ....and I am very happy with her

    Pooja Sabarwal
  • Visited For Obstetrics Problems
    a very friendly doctor has a solution to all my problem she nicely explained all the option. a very friendly doctor he is excellent thank to Dr.madhu Goel

  • Visited For Gynae Problems
    This is my first visit to a gynaecologist. The doctor was very nice, courteous and patient. She explained the medication and all the precautions required in detail. I will strongly recommend her to all my friends

    Vanshika gupta
  • Visited For Gynae Problems
    An extremely warm and compassionate doctor. *** ********* *** ********** *** **** ********** I would surely give her reference to others.

    Mrs. Gouri Puri
  • Visited For Gynae Problems
    Dr. Madhu Goel is a good doctor. she is very pretty and listing to my all problem before giving me good medication .. I recommend all friend's

    Mrs. Kapoor
  • I recommend the doctor
    very patient and soft spoken. She is always smiling and gives a lot of sensible advice to her patients. I am very happy with her

  • I recommend the doctor
    Dr. Madhu Goel was very nice and comfortable to talk with. it was wondering and excellent experience. The ambience is nice and the staff is very active.

  • Visited For Gynae Problems
    She did sugary my mom 6 months ago now she is fine and always thankful from her, I am Kabir from Afghanistan so I am very happy to meet doctor Madhu Goel

    Mrs. habiba
  • Visited For Abortion / Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)
    The doctor was very sensitive to my problem. She took a lot of time to explain every thing to me in detail and she was very patient with me. I am very happy with the outcome

    Ms. deepti
  • Visited For Pre and Post Delivery Care
    Very helpful and can be reached 24X7. She explains everything in detail and in no hurry. ****** ************* *** ********* someone in can rely blind folded.

  • Visited For Infertility
    it was the first visit and I am really satisfied of the good behaviour of Dr Madhu thanks.I will recommend her to my friends and relatives

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