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Cervical cancer vaccination– Dr. Madhu is very passionate about preventing cancer as far as possible. It is a great achievement that cervical cancer vaccine is available nowadays. 3 doses of this vaccine plus regular paps smear go a long way in preventing this dreadful disease.

Adolescent disorders – Teenage girls are a special category of patients who require skilled handling. Various problems can occur in this age group like excessive bleeding, polycystic ovarian disease etc. This requires proper counseling.

Polycystic ovarian disease – It is a hormonal disorder that affects nearly 10 – 15% of patients. It has a profound effect on a woman’s health and self-esteem. It is a hormonal disorder where the ovaries do not produce sufficient quantities of hormones that are required for the follicle to mature. As a result, the follicles remain in the ovaries and eventually turn into cysts.

It affects all age categories and the symptoms may be irregular or no menstrual cycle, infertility, increased hair growth on the face, chest etc, acne and oily skin, hair fall and weight gain or obesity. Later on, the patient may develop high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. She is also at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and estrogen associated cancers like endometrial and breast cancer.

Treatment for the polycystic disease is tailored according to the patient and her symptoms.

Weight management is an important issue in patients of polycystic ovarian disease. Active exercises and good eating habits go a long way in controlling the polycystic ovarian disease.

Hysterectomy– Removal of the uterus is medically called hysterectomy. There are various types of hysterectomies and various routes can be used to perform hysterectomy – abdominal, vaginal, laparoscopic. The best route and type of hysterectomy is usually decided by the doctor depending upon the patient.

Hysterectomy is a major surgical procedure and is done for various indications like fibroid uterus, DUB, prolapse uterus etc. It requires a 2-3 day stay in the hospital.

Myomectomy – Removal of fibroid is called myomectomy. Usually, myomectomy is done in the younger age group where the uterus is required for childbearing. Depending on the number, size, and location of the route and type of myomectomy are decided.

laparoscopic surgery – These surgeries are minimally invasive surgeries which require minimum cutting and stitching. These surgeries are called keyhole surgeries. Hysterectomy, myomectomy, ovarian cystectomy and various other surgeries can be done by this route. The advantage of keyhole surgery is shorter stay in the hospital, minimal blood loss, and faster recovery.

Natural Orifice surgery – Even better than the keyhole surgery is the natural orifice surgery where the removal is done through the natural opening like a vagina.

Abortion – Unwanted pregnancy can be a major issue in life. All abortion services are available – medical and surgical abortion.

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