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It is recommended that all women that are considering becoming pregnant visit their doctor for a pre-pregnancy healthcare check-up.  Otherwise, women should contact their doctor’s as soon as they suspect they are pregnant.  Receiving prenatal care is especially important for women with high-risk pregnancy.  Depending on your condition, your obstetrician or gynecologist may refer you to a high-risk maternal and fetal medicine specialist. 

Your doctor will assess your overall health.  Your doctor will recommend prenatal vitamins, including folic acid.  Your doctor will determine an appointment schedule to closely monitor your pregnancy.  Women with high-risk pregnancy may receive more ultrasounds, tests, and office visits than women without high-risk pregnancy do.  This allows your doctor to evaluate and treat complications promptly.  In some cases, women with high-risk pregnancy may need to have a C-section or be induced for labor.

Dr. Madhu Goel, best Gynaecologist in South Delhi provides medical second opinions and consultation services in all areas of medicine, including radiology. Getting a second opinion for High-Risk Pregnancy treatment is now at your finger tips due to our patent pending cloud technology.

Dr. Madhu Goel is always available 24/7/365 to provide you with a second opinion regarding your High-Risk Pregnancy treatment and whether or not you need this treatment. Our goal is to help patients avoid unnecessary surgeries and procedures whenever possible. If you were recommended by your physician to undergo a High-Risk Pregnancy and are not sure what to do, our expert physicians are here to help you obtain a proper diagnosis.

Studies have shown that obtaining second opinions prevent patients from undergoing unnecessary surgeries and procedures and they also give you the peace of mind that your medical diagnosis and treatment plan are correct.

Because Peace of Mind is Priceless…

High-Risk Pregnancy second opinion can give you the reassurance and peace of mind that you have the latest, up-to-date diagnosis and best treatment option. In addition, second opinions have undoubtedly saved many lives!

Consult Dr. Madhu Goel now!

It is critical to get a second opinion:

  • To improve your health, save you time, money and possibly even your life!
  • To assure you have a proper diagnosis.
  • To avoid unnecessary surgeries and procedures
  • To answer all of your questions in detail
  • To make sure you have the best treatment plan options
  • To make sure that no important detail was accidentally overlooked.
  • To ensure you feel comfortable about what your doctor recommended.
  • To learn about possible alternatives to your doctor’s original recommendation.

Whether you are diagnosed with a medical condition or simply have a question, before you decide, we are here to help 24/7/365! We will provide a reliable, professional and independent second medical opinion about your High-Risk Pregnancy treatment.

Dr. Madhu Goel is a leading Gynecologist of South Delhi. She is well versed, amicable and approachable. High risk pregnancy management is her forte.

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