What Foods Women Should Eat and Avoid during periods?

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Periods are like a battle for a woman with her own body. Women often experience different emotions and at times, deal with symptoms. Some might feel absolutely normal and some might go through unbearable pain. To get rid of discomfort, some women tend towards food, which makes it natural to wonder what to eat during periods.  But does food really give some comfort and make a difference while you are on your period? Dr. Madhu Goel, the best gynecologist in South Delhi NCR says that what you eat impacts your body and mind whether or not you’re on your period.

It is suggested that staying away from processed foods like biscuits, fried foods, and chips as these are high in calories and may make you feel lethargic. In comparison, home-cooked food and fruits give you appropriate nutrients in the right proportions and keep your energy levels high throughout. But, women do sometimes feel the need to eat differently during their periods, which is a personal choice.

What food should be eaten during periods?

If you feel bloating or nausea, consider these fruits to eat during your periods:

Melons and Watermelons: These are good summer fruits to eat during periods. They help you stay hydrated and may even make you feel less bloated.

Oranges and Lemons: Citrus fruits like oranges contain a lot of fiber, while lemons will help with dealing with nausea.

Indian Foods: Make sure you should include Indian foods in your meals. Vegetables such as Spinach, Cabbage, and Beetroot, are just because of their rich iron and fiber content. Nuts such as Almonds, Walnuts are rich in omega 3s and help you feel less bloated. These are more fulfilling than any other snacking options.

What food helps with period pains?

Period pains and cramps cannot be completely eliminated by eating certain food items as they are a part of the cycle. But you can definitely take several measures in order to get relief.

It is recommended to walk around or exercise when you experience cramps. Some women may use electric heating pads as the heat helps relieve pain. Others may seek medicines when they don’t get any relief with these methods. The best gynecologist in South Delhi NCR – Dr. Madhu Goel says, when it comes to pain killers to get rid of period cramps, a majority have been misinformed. It is said to avoid taking pain killers during periods but it is actually okay as long as you’re not allergic to them. In very severe cases, wherein you may be restricted to the bed or require injectable pain killers, you should consult your Gynecologist and undergo a thorough evaluation. You may be put on cyclical hormonal pills which would relieve the pain in most cases.

Myths about Foods during Periods

Many women crave chocolates, ice creams, and coffee during periods but eat them in moderation.

Frequently asked Question by women about what to eat during the period

Q. Can we eat curd during periods?

Ans. Yes. You can.  Curd acts as a pain reliever during periods. It is a rich source of calcium and thus, helps in relaxing the muscles that eventually reduce cramps.

Q. Should we avoid raw fruits during periods?

Ans. Uncooked foods like vegetables, fruits, seeds, or nuts have nutrients that can be easily absorbed and can be eaten. Make sure these are washed thoroughly before consumption.

Dr. Madhu Goel, the best gynecologist in South Delhi NCR says, instead of looking for what not to eat during periods you should eat a well-balanced proper diet in appropriate proportions that can help you manage your health all the time and not just while you are menstruating.

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