What are the Pregnancy risks after 35 years of age

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Today’s women are more educated, becoming independent, and career-oriented. This is one of the major reasons that pregnancy after 35 years is common especially in Metro cities. However for women age is just a number but from the conception point of view, age is not only a number but an indication of the decline in fertility with the age. But do you know, pregnancy after 35 years of age brings some risks along with it, causing some harsh effects on the health of both mother and baby. Meaning her pregnancy is considered high risk for complications. Here’s in this article by Dr. Madhu Goel, best gynecologist in South Delhi saying what to expect and how to ensure a healthy pregnancy if you’re conceiving later in life.

Fertility in women starts to decrease at the age of 32 years and after the age of 37 years, it declines rapidly. Every woman has a fixed number of eggs in her ovaries, with advanced age her fertility chances also decline as the number and quality of the eggs reduce. The eggs are not as easily fertilized in older women as in younger women. With advanced age, a woman may also suffer from different medical conditions like uterine fibroids, endometriosis, blood pressure, and diabetes and these can also hinder fertility.

The age-related decline in fertility is also accompanied by significant increases in the rates of spontaneous abortion and autosomal trisomy. The fetal loss rate also is significantly increased with advanced age. The same problems are associated with assisted reproduction (IVF) in women age 35 years or above. Women older than 35 years should be:

  • Counseled, educated, and aware of the effect of age on fertility.
  • Should receive advanced evaluation and treatment after 6 months of failed attempts to conceive or earlier.
  • For women older than 40 years, immediate evaluation and treatment are necessary.

So if any woman above 35 years of age and wants to get pregnant naturally or assisted reproduction technique then the knowledge and information about the fertility chances, pros and cons of getting pregnant, and what necessary precautions she needs to take, are very important. You can also know these things by consulting your nearest gynaecologist. With advanced age, the eggs are also getting old and with the poor quality of eggs, chances of pregnancy are also less.

Some women may think that we can conceive by IVF or assisted reproduction but the same problem is here also as chances of embryo development are very less especially after 45 years of age and the risk of abortion is more than 50 percent. In such circumstances, a woman needs to go with donor eggs. The interesting thing is that though ovarian function and eggs are decreased with advanced age the uterine activity is good and it increases the chances of good implantation with successful pregnancy.

Whatever may be the condition, becoming pregnant and having a baby is the dream of a woman and to overcome the problem, consult Dr. Madhu Goel, best gynecologist in South Delhi before reaching any conclusion, follow the advice of your nearest gynaecologist, keep yourself healthy by adopting a healthy lifestyle, healthy nutritional diet, doing regular exercise to keep yourself physically fit, do meditation and relaxation techniques to keep yourself emotionally and mentally fit to achieve the ultimate desired goal, Pregnancy in advanced age.

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