Early Signs of Pregnancy

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A few years back I saw a lady with a history of two to four months delay of her menstrual cycles for the last one year, for which I advised her an ultrasound pelvis suspecting her to have PCOD. She was one of those busy corporate women due to which she did not know about Early Signs of Pregnancy and was unable to go for the ultrasound for a couple of months. And finally, after three months when she did get the time for the test, what did the ultrasound show ? Well, she was eight weeks pregnant! She just was not aware of the Pregnancy!

This type of situation is not very common

Some Early Signs of Pregnancy most of the time shows up as an indication of a possible pregnancy. A first and foremost indicative sign is when you miss your menstrual period. Most of the women are quite aware when they are going to start with their menses. These days you have mobile apps also which calculate for you the expected date for the next menses. So if you miss your menstrual period for more than five days it could definitely be your first sign of pregnancy. A simple blood test can confirm the pregnancy. And if your menstrual date is up by more than a week then urine can be tested for pregnancy.

Early Signs of Pregnancy Symptoms

Now if we talk of Early Signs of Pregnancy symptoms then some symptoms usually start coming up around three to four weeks from the day of conception or five to six weeks from your last menstrual period. Commonly the lady starts feeling some distaste or dislike for some food items. Some may start liking a particular food which they otherwise used to dislike. Few have a constant bitter taste.While many want to eat sour or spicy foods like raw mango (as it is or in the form of pickle), gol-guppies, lemon, and similar other things. Few women just do not want to eat anything, they are just not hungry. While some may be hungry the whole day and end up gaining a lot of weight from the early months of pregnancy, while most pregnant ladies start gaining weight from their fourth month. Some may even lose a few kilos in the first three months of pregnancy.

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Secondly, a lady who is pregnant might feel tired the whole day then it is Early Signs of Pregnancy. She must just not want to go to work wanting to sleep more or may feel like lying down the whole day.Around six weeks of pregnancy, nausea with or without vomiting comes up. This could be felt just on waking up, commonly known as morning sickness or it could be a nauseous feeling all through the day.Rarely there is too much vomiting with the inability to eat or drink anything, as a result leading to the need of visiting a hospital for I/V drip to give fluids. Some blood tests may be needed in these ladies to find out if there is an electrolyte imbalance. Usually, nausea and vomiting reduce once you cross the first three months of your pregnancy.Some ladies in their early pregnancy are unable to sleep.

I have seen pregnant patients who are awake the whole night and this problem may continue throughout the pregnancy. Most of these women do not have a medical problem to justify this lack of sleep.These are some of the common signs seen during the first three months of pregnancy.When in doubt, just buy a pregnancy home test kit from a chemist shop and do the test with the first to about Early Signs of Pregnancy, morning urine…or best is visiting a Gynecologist in South Delhi.

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