How to prepare for Normal Delivery?

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How to prepare for Normal Delivery: Here are 3 tips to prepare for normal birth.

Trying to prepare for normal delivery ? Well you are already on the right path! Most of us know the benefits of a normal delivery. Apart from avoiding a major surgery, normal delivery has a faster recovery period and it also helps in providing beneficial bacteria to your baby as it passes through the birthing canal. Preparing for your labour and delivery is very similar to preparing for a marathon. You need to prepare yourself physically and mentally so that you have a positive childbirth experience and faster recovery. These 3 simple tips will help you get there.

1. Be careful with your Diet

You may hear this lot from your aunts and well-wishers – “Now that you are pregnant you need to eat for two!” Rest assured, this is just a myth! The optimal weight that you need to gain during pregnancy depends on your pre-pregnancy weight and body mass index. Putting on excess weight may actually pose problems during labour. So always Check your BMI

Plan a healthy balanced diet during your pregnancy with each meal comprising of half portion of fruits and vegetables, one-fourth portion of lean protein and one-fourth portion of whole grains.

2. Walking & Prenatal Yoga

Stay active. Try to include 30- 40 minutes of walking in your schedule daily. If you have never exercised before, start with 15 minutes of light walking and gradually build it up.

Prenatal yoga is another great way to strengthen and stretch your muscles during pregnancy. Practicing squats and breathing exercises will help you prepare for labour. Prenatal stretches will help in alleviating common pains associated during pregnancy like back pain, leg cramps etc. You can check various prenatal yoga classes to prepare for normal delivery on youtube channel or you can consult with the Gynae.

3. Practice Kegels and Perineal Massage

Kegel exercise and perineal massage are a great way to strengthen and stretch the pelvic floor muscles to prepare for normal birth. You can start doing your kegels in your third trimester. As you approach week 36 of your pregnancy, you should also start preparing your perineum for the delivery by gently stretching it every day. Perineal massage will help in making your labour easier and also prevent tearing of vaginal tissues. Learn how to do a perineal massage. However, for most women, reaching down there when you are fully pregnant can be difficult.

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