COVID vaccination in pregnancy and breastfeeding, infections, in women with PCOS

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As the coronavirus infection started spreading globally, several attempts were being made to produce a vaccine against the coronavirus. Now, various vaccines have been approved by the WHO and the Indian government to be used in the population. Vaccinating a significant portion of the population is the only definite way out of this pandemic. Amidst these vaccination drives, many people had concerns regarding the safety of these vaccinations in pregnant, breastfeeding women, and women suffering from infections and PCOS.

Much misleading content has been circulated over the news and social media regarding the safety of vaccines for pregnant and lactating mothers, which makes it crucial for this point to be addressed. Also, it is important that we take advice from a qualified professional.

In this article, a gynecologist in GK2 will talk about the safety of these vaccinations for such women. She will also discuss whether women who are suffering from infections or other gynecological problems like PCOS can take the vaccine safely or not.

COVID vaccination for pregnant and lactating mothers

It is essential to specify the safety of different vaccines in pregnant and breastfeeding women because many drugs and chemicals can pass through the placenta or the milk into the baby, causing different medical conditions. Many such drugs that can be used for males and non-pregnant and non-lactating females can not be safely used for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

After detailed research studies, it has been proven that all the vaccines that have been produced against the coronavirus are safe to be used by all pregnant and lactating women. None of the vaccines have been shown to cause any harm to the mother or the baby.

Getting fully vaccinated will, in fact, protect the mothers from getting a severe form of COVID infection. Pregnant women are at a higher risk of getting a more severe infection as compared to other people. Thus, getting vaccinated is even more essential for pregnant women. COVID can also cause certain risks to the babies born to infected mothers, such as premature delivery, stillbirth, low birth weight, prematurity, and more.

Thus, doctors recommend that every woman above 18 years should get vaccines at the earliest.

Lactating mothers can take the vaccine at any time, irrespective of whether they had a normal or cesarean delivery. But it might not be feasible for women to go for the vaccination immediately after their delivery because they need to rest properly. So, some doctors recommend women wait for about 4 to 6 weeks before getting vaccinated against COVID.

COVID vaccination in women who are suffering from PCOS

Most women who are suffering from PCOS take oral contraceptive pills to help regularise their menstrual cycles. Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCPs) can cause blood clotting in females. COVID also has this same complication. It can cause clotting of blood in the patients.

While no major studies have shown the same effect of blood clotting by the COVID vaccines, further studies are needed to be exactly sure. But it is essential to remember that the risk of blood clotting because of oral contraceptive pills and COVID infection is much more than the COVID vaccines.

For this reason, some doctors recommend women suffering from PCOS discontinue oral contraceptives a month before they take the COVID vaccine. But no severe complications have been noticed in women who take the vaccines. So, it is recommended that all women above 18 years of age take the COVID vaccine, even if they have other comorbidities like PCOS.

People need to get vaccinated to protect themselves and others from COVID. In these challenging times, all of us should stay calm and not spread misleading information to create chaos. You should get your information only from trustworthy sources. You can book the appointment for the PCOS treatment in South Delhi.

If you have any further doubts regarding the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, feel free to consult Dr. Madhu Goel, who is the best gynecologist in GK2.

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