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Most women worry about labor pain and how they will bear it. Hearing the experiences of some women, you will find that the process of childbirth is painful but despite being painful you can tolerate them, and many times even without any medical intervention. Painless delivery is nothing but a normal delivery without pain. Know How Painless delivery is different from a normal delivery with the best Pregnancy Doctor in Delhi, Dr. Madhu Goel. Read on!

Women asked some important questions about painless delivery:

Q. Is normal delivery possible without pain?

We inform women about the options of normal delivery without pain but we do not want them to need such options. We believe that the mother’s willpower and self-confidence inspire her most for normal delivery.

But epidural is available for some women who require painless delivery. The use of epidural anesthesia can make the process of childbirth painless.

Q. What is this epidural anesthesia?

When you are experiencing at least 3 contractions in 10 minutes, i.e. your labor is active, during this time epidural is used to relieve pain. An anesthesiologist gives an injection in the lower back and injects the medicine around your spine through a plastic tube. Epidural reduces pain and sensations in the lower half of the body to a great extent, but it does not always give 100% pain relief.

Q. Is epidural safe for me and my unborn baby?

Epidural is safe for both mother and baby. Dr. Madhu Goel, the best pregnancy in Delhi says Epidural can be very helpful for you when other options do not work for you during labor. Epidural is considered best for providing relief from tiredness and irritability. Apart from this, epidural relaxes you and helps in focusing on labor.

It may have some minor symptoms like:                  

  • Your labor may belong.
  • Due to the effect of numbness, you will find yourself unable to get up and walk.
  • You may feel dizzy.
  • You may have difficulty urinating.
  • Sudden fall of BP.
  • The epidural effect is probably patchy, and the woman may also feel pain.

Is epidural the only option? What is the option other than an epidural for a painless delivery?

If you want a normal delivery, then other options are also available for you, such as:

Entonox gas: It is inhaled through a face mask.

Labor in water: Some women may be given the option to labor in a tub of hot water. A woman feels peace with water. During this time you are helped by trained nurses and brought to such a comfortable position.

With the right partner such as a birthing partner and labor room nurse, most women are able to cope with labor pain without the need for an epidural. But some women, who have a long labor time, can also experience a painless delivery by resorting to the epidural.

This is an option for Painless delivery. Only consider them as options and use them only when needed. Take this option as a last option and choose a gynecologist who can give you the confidence to endure the pain that arises during the normal delivery.

It is more important than the options of painless delivery to choose a doctor with the encouragement and support of which women can bear the pain of normal delivery to its full potential.

The Gynaecologist takes care of everything for you and her expertise is crucial for the making of this life-changing event. So you must consult the best gynecologist available to help you successfully course through this memorable event. If you are living in and around Delhi NCR, you can consult Dr. Madhu Goel, the best pregnancy doctor in Delhi NCR here.

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