FAQs: Pregnancy and COVID-19

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If you’re a pregnant patient, you’ve probably had a lot of concerns regarding COVID-19, including how to reduce your risk of infection while you’re pregnant and thereafter. Find your answers below provided by Dr. Madhu Goel – Best Gynecologist in South Delhi. Read on to learn more!

Ques: Since I am pregnant, am I more likely to get COVID?

Ans: No, you are as likely to get pregnant as the rest of the population.

Ques: What precautions should I take to prevent COVID in pregnancy?

– Get vaccinated
– Wear a tight fitted mask covering the nose and mouth properly
– Maintain social distancing
– Avoid going to crowded places
– Avoid poorly ventilated spaces
– Hand hygiene is important. Wash your hands regularly
– Do not come in contact with people who have fever, cough, sore throat etc

Ques: What should I do if I get COVID in pregnancy?

– Get in touch with your physician
– Get in touch with your gynaecologist – online consults are easily available these days
– Monitor symptoms
– Take symptom based treatment after checking with your gynaecologist
- Focus on balanced diet
– Have plenty of fluids
– Take rest
– Watch for severe symptoms

Ques: Is COVID with pregnancy associated with greater risk to the mother?
Ans: Yes, most data indicates that there is an increase chance of complications of COVID in
pregnant women. So , keep a lookout for any severe symptoms and early hospitalisation is
advised in cases of pregnancy.

Ques: Can I get COVID vaccine in pregnancy?
Ans: Yes, COVID vaccine is safe in pregnancy.

Ques: What are the extra precautions I should take for my delivery in these COVID times?
Ans: Check about the COVID protocol being followed in your hospital. Is a COVID test required
for admission? How long is the COVID test valid? Do you require Attendant’s COVID test
also? Do they conduct COVID positive deliveries? If Yes, what is the protocol they follow? If
NO, then where will they refer you? The financials involved?

Ques: How does COVID affect my baby?
Ans: Although there are instances of abortion, growth retardation , preterm births, by and large
the babies remain unaffected by COVID

Ques: If I am COVID positive at the time of delivery, will my baby also be COVID positive?
Ans: Not necessarily. In fact most of the times the babies are negative

Ques: If I am COVID positive, can I breast feed my baby?
Ans: Yes

Ques: How long does natural immunity last after COVID infection?
Ans: 3 months

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